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  1. Photon Controller Goes Open Source

    VMware bids for a stake in the container industry with a bold effort to integrate containers with its classic virtualization system.

  2. New Point-and-Click Exploit Kit Appears in the Wild

    3ROS attack tool lowers the technical bar so anyone can be an intruder.

  3. Firefox Finally Gets Tracking Protection

    Mozilla's latest browser offers powerful new privacy feature

  4. New Password Looter Tool Steals Passwords from a Password Manager

    If attackers are on your system, saving your passwords in a password vault is no protection.

  5. Over a Million Websites Are Still Using SHA-1

    Faulty hash algorithm persists, despite efforts by experts to raise awareness.

  6. Dyreza Malware is Back

    Powerful man-in-the-middle attack is now targeting online shopping.

  7. Kernel Developer Matthew Garrett Forks the Linux Kernel

    Another high-profile coder says the kernel team needs a kinder, gentler culture.

  8. Bugzilla Bug

    Bug database has a bug of its own that could allow an intruder to create an unauthorized account.

  9. US Launches New Strategy for Broadband Access

    Report focuses federal resources on achieving universal Internet access.

  10. RC4 Finally Gets the Fork

    Leading browser makers say “no” to porous encryption algorithm

  11. IBM Says TOR Network a Vehicle for Ransomware

    Report from the X-Force group says attackers are using TOR to hide their crimes

  12. Mozilla Announces new Firefox API

    Future Firefox extensions will be compatible with Chrome.

  13. Weird Security Flaw Affected Intel Chips for 16 Years

    Better read this if you bought your computer before 2011

  14. OpenSSH 7.0 Secure Shell Arrives

    Users should upgrade to the new version as soon as possible

  15. Qemu Flaw Lets the Guest Escape

    Xen project announces a privilege escalation problem for Qemu host systems

  16. Android Bug Threatens Millions of Users

    Attackers can compromise an Android phone just by sending a text message

  17. Lenovo and Canonical Announce Laptop Deal

    PC vendor will pre-install Ubuntu on portables in India.

  18. Mozilla Firefox Blocks Flash

    More embarrassment for Adobe's embattled multimedia tool

  19. Security Problem in Firefox’s NoScript Add-On

    Mozilla’s script blocker add-on could be putting malware sites on the whitelist.

  20. RIP SSLv3

    The Internet community officially banishes the notoriously unsafe Secure Sockets Layer protocol.