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  1. Microsoft Visual Studio Code v1.0 is available for Linux!

    Linux users can now download and install the Windows code editor

  2. Open Container Initiative announces Image Format Project

    New initiative will address security and interoperability concerns around container technology.

  3. Red Hat Lures Developers with Free RHEL and Container Development Kits

    Developers can use RHEL as a development platform without a subscription fee.

  4. Microsoft Brings the Linux Command Line to Windows

    Windows users will soon have native access to the Bash shell.

  5. Internet Research Group Proposes Better Email Standard

    Improvements to SMTP will provide better guarantee of confidentiality

  6. New Nvidia Driver Offers Wayland Support

    Graphics vendor embraces new reality in Linux graphics

  7. Inventor of Email Dies

    Pioneer Ray Tomlinson bequeathed the @ sign to billions of Internet users

  8. Microsoft Announces Linux Version of SQL Server

    Redmond says its classic database tool will run without Windows

  9. Strange New Attack Lets an Intruder Gain Access Through a Mouse Dongle

    New intrusion technique affects most non-Bluetooth wireless mice

  10. GDP-ivi: Linux Platform May One Day Drive Your Car

    GENIVI Alliance announces the release of the first beta of the GENIVI Demo Platform ivi9.

  11. Google Announces End to Flash Ad Support

    Upcoming switch to HTML5-only ads is further evidence the Flash is entering its final days.

  12. President Obama Launches New Cybersecurity Initiative

    US government invests $19 billion on enhancing security and replacing ancient computer systems.

  13. Linux Foundation Eliminates Individual Membership

    But you can still be a non-voting “individual supporter” if you pay the money

  14. Secret Backdoor Affects More Fortinet Firewalls

    Several current systems could fall victim to the attack

  15. Linus Announces Linux Kernel 4.4

    Latest Linux engine comes with better graphics and support for Intel's new power-saving chips.

  16. Mass Poem Greets Web Admins

    Hackers send a message of beauty and liberation to server logs

  17. Raspberry Pi Becomes a Thin Client

    Citrix gets excited about new Pi-Powered XenDesktop client system

  18. Microsoft Offers Linux Certification

    Linux on Azure cert heralds a new era for Redmond.

  19. CeBIT 2016: Call for Open Source Contributions

    Proposals for presentations at the CeBIT Open Source Forum will be accepted through 24 January 2016.

  20. Gone in a Flash

    Adobe looks for a new start; renames its embattled Flash tool.