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  1. Red Hat Announces

    Red Hat takes its IDE online.

  2. Microsoft Bakes Linux into Windows Server

    Microsoft is slowly becoming a Linux vendor.

  3. Fearless Coyote, Linux Kernel 4.11 is Out

    The new kernel makes swap implementation more scalable, which will help cloud providers.

  4. Docker Appoints Steve Singh CEO

    The new CEO comes from a very strong SaaS background.

  5. Docker Announces Linux Kit and Moby Project

    Both projects help organizations build their own containerized systems.

  6. Ubuntu Returns to Gnome as Its Mobile Plans Shatter

    Mark Shuttleworth has resumed the position of CEO of Canonical.

  7. Microsoft is Shutting Down CodePlex

    Microsoft's open source code hosting platform CodePlex will come to an end after a more than 10-year stint.

  8. Fedora 26 Alpha Released

    Comes with Gnome 3.24

  9. Old Linux Kernel Bug Discovered

    The bug was introduced back in 2009 and has been lurking around all this time.

  10. OpenSSH 7.5 Released

    The new release deprecates the sshd_config UsePrivilegeSeparation option.

  11. Ubuntu Touch Not Dead

    Lives on as a community project

  12. Dell Launches Five New Linux Systems

    Five new systems join Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition that come with Ubuntu pre-installed.

  13. Microsoft Takes Skype for Linux Out of Alpha

    The Skype Linux client now has almost the same capabilities that it enjoys on other platforms.

  14. CeBIT 2017 OpenStack Day

    At CeBIT 2017, OpenStack Day will offer a wide range of lectures and discussions.

  15. Munich Plans to Ditch Linux and Go Back to Windows

    A major setback for the Linux desktop.

  16. Linux Kernel 4.10 Comes with New Security Features

    Improved support for GPU in virtualization.

  17. OpenSUSE Site Hacked

    News site for the openSUSE community falls victim to a Wordpress exploit.

  18. LibreOffice Goes Online with 5.3 Release

    The source code is available online.

  19. Microsoft Brings Clear Linux OS to Azure

    One out of three virtual machines on Microsoft Azure Cloud run Linux.

  20. ASUS Announces a Single-Board Computer

    The form factor of the board makes it a drop-in replacement for Raspberry Pi.