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  1. AMD Posts Code for Linux GPU Driver

    New release marks the arrival of AMD’s unified driver strategy.

  2. 30 Percent of New Server Equipment Goes to Cloud Infrastructure

    A new study by IDC charts big changes in the big hardware market.

  3. Windows Might Go Open Source

    Azure CTO says Redmond has already considered the unthinkable.

  4. Linux Mint Will Stay with Ubuntu

    Lead developer quells rumors that the Debian version is slated for center stage.

  5. Microsoft Frees Code for .NET Build Engine

    MSBuild is now just another GitHub project as Redmond continues its path to the light.

  6. Researchers Demonstrate Hack by Heat

    Malware could pass data and commands between disconnected computers without leaving a trace on the network. 

  7. Kernel Developers Adopt Code of Conflict

    New rules emphasize collegiality in coding.

  8. Ubuntu Switches to systemd

    Upstart lands in the dust bin as a new era begins for Linux.

  9. Old Vulnerabilities Are Kept Alive Through Bad Configuration

    HP's annual Cyber Risk report offers a bleak look at the state of IT.

  10. Linus Torvalds Announces Linux 4.0

    But what do the big numbers really mean?

  11. Microsoft Frees CoreCLR

    .NET Core execution engine is the basis for cross-platform .NET implementations.

  12. New Trojan Attacks Linux Servers

    The Xnote trojan hides itself on the target system and will launch a variety of attacks on command.

  13. Cisco Releases Annual Security Report

    Spammers go low-volume, and 90% of IE browsers are unpatched.

  14. Zero Day Exploits Target Flash

    Adobe scrambles to release patches for vulnerable Flash Player.

  15. Intel Unveils Compute Stick

    Four-inch-long computer on a stick lets you boot a full Linux system from any HDMI display device.

  16. Obama Proposes Personal Data Notification Law

    New statute would require companies to report break-ins to consumers.

  17. TGXf Project Warns of File Transfer through Screen Pixels

    Weird data transfer technique avoids all standard security measures.

  18. Industry Giants Announce a Fix for the Password Mess

    FIDO alliance declares the beginning of the end for old-style login authentication.

  19. Poll: Vote for the Best Open Source Software for Photographers

    The Linux New Media Awards have honored the most significant products, projects, people, and organizations for open source/Linux every year since 2000.

  20. Debian Gets Forked

    Legendary Uber-distro splits over the systemd controversy.