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  1. openSUSE Rolls Out 42.2 Leap

    New release targets Linux professionals.

  2. Cutting-Edge Fedora 25 Released

    The Fedora project adds Wayland and Gnome 3.22

  3. CeBIT 2017: The Open Source Forum

    CeBIT 2017: Open Source Forum Call for Papers

  4. Say it Ain't So! Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation

    Long-time Linux antagonist joins the revolution.

  5. How to Bypass Authentication on a Linux System

    Major bug affects Debian/Ubuntu distributions.

  6. Ubuntu Core 16

    Canonical releases the minimal edition for embedded devices, Internet of Things, and cloud deployments.

  7. Red Hat Releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3

    The new release features improvements across the board, from performance to security.

  8. The Linux Foundation Announces a New Board of Directors

    Two out of three of the new members are women.

  9. OpenStack Summit in Barcelona

    More than 5,000 people attended the event.

  10. Linux Voice Joins the Linux New Media Family

    Linux Magazine will include the best of both magazines.

  11. Critical Flaws Found in VeraCrypt

    Popular open source encryption tool is vulnerable to attack

  12. Ubuntu 16.10 Released

    New “Yakkety Yak” edition emphasizes cloud and servers

  13. Linus Announces Linux 4.8

    Latest kernel even supports Microsoft Surface 3 devices

  14. Google Announces Its Own Pixel Phones

    Google finally enters the phone hardware business.

  15. Nextcloud Announces Raspberry Pi-Powered Home Cloud Box

    Innovative system adds a hard drive and Ubuntu Core to the RPi for an IoT hub.

  16. Linus Torvalds Confirms the Date of the First Linux Release

    Linux is two weeks younger than we thought!

  17. End of OpenOffice?

    The Apache Software Foundation considers retiring OpenOffice

  18. Adobe Gives New Life to NPAPI Plugin for Linux

    Adobe won’t kill the plugin in 2017

  19. LinuxCon North America Convenes in Toronto, Canada

    Linux Foundation's big event celebrates the 25th anniversary of Linux

  20. Linux Turns 25

    Linux has evolved from “won’t be a professional” project to one of the most professional software projects in the history of computers.