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  1. Qemu Flaw Lets the Guest Escape

    Xen project announces a privilege escalation problem for Qemu host systems

  2. Android Bug Threatens Millions of Users

    Attackers can compromise an Android phone just by sending a text message

  3. Lenovo and Canonical Announce Laptop Deal

    PC vendor will pre-install Ubuntu on portables in India.

  4. Mozilla Firefox Blocks Flash

    More embarrassment for Adobe's embattled multimedia tool

  5. Security Problem in Firefox’s NoScript Add-On

    Mozilla’s script blocker add-on could be putting malware sites on the whitelist.

  6. RIP SSLv3

    The Internet community officially banishes the notoriously unsafe Secure Sockets Layer protocol.

  7. Mate 1.1 Arrives

    Popular desktop environment continues the Gnome 2 legacy – with new support for the Gnome 3 toolkit.

  8. US Government Requires HTTPS

    The Obama White House has issued a memorandum telling all US government agencies they must use HTTPS for all websites and web communication.

  9. Mozilla Signs Firefox Add-Ons

    New program will dial up security for the Firefox browser.

  10. Fedora 22 Arrives

    Red Hat's community distro embraces the cloud.

  11. and College Board Team Reach Out for Talented High School Coders

    New partnership will bring more and better CS training to US schools

  12. A Peek Inside TeslaCrypt Ransomware

    Criminals offer online help over Tor network

  13. Mumblehard Still Spams

    Sophisticated malware is still present on Joomla and WordPress sites around the world.

  14. Launchpad Gets Git

    Future versions of Ubuntu's code service will support the popular Git version control system used with Linux and other open source projects.

  15. AMD Posts Code for Linux GPU Driver

    New release marks the arrival of AMD’s unified driver strategy.

  16. 30 Percent of New Server Equipment Goes to Cloud Infrastructure

    A new study by IDC charts big changes in the big hardware market.

  17. Windows Might Go Open Source

    Azure CTO says Redmond has already considered the unthinkable.

  18. Linux Mint Will Stay with Ubuntu

    Lead developer quells rumors that the Debian version is slated for center stage.

  19. Microsoft Frees Code for .NET Build Engine

    MSBuild is now just another GitHub project as Redmond continues its path to the light.

  20. Researchers Demonstrate Hack by Heat

    Malware could pass data and commands between disconnected computers without leaving a trace on the network.