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  1. TOR Network Isn’t So Anonymous

    A new study says it is possible to unmask 81% of TOR users.

  2. .NET Goes Open Source

    Redmond joins the revolution by turning the .NET Core Runtime into a GitHub project.

  3. Drupal Advisory Unleashes a Torrent of Attacks

    Users only had 7 hours to update before the intrusions started.

  4. HTML5 Gets Promoted to a Standard

    It's official: The new web arrives

  5. Linus Addresses Criticism for Harsh Language

    Kernel king admits his tone has alienated volunteers, but says the demands of the process require directness.

  6. New SSL Attack Lets a Malicious Listener Steal Session Cookies

    New flaw in an old encryption scheme leaves the experts scrambling to disable SSL 3

  7. Leading Open Source Coder Rants about Rants

    Lennart Poettering wants to change the way Linux developers talk to each other.

  8. HP Splits into Two Companies

    Enterprise giant frees itself from ink and home PCs (and visa versa).

  9. Mozilla Labs Shuts Down

    Mozilla’s product think tank sinks silently into history.

  10. Internet Giants Launch Collaboration to Improve Open Source

    TODO group will focus on open source tools in large-scale environments.

  11. Fedora Announces New Partition Manager App

    New tool will look like GParted but support a wider range of storage technologies.

  12. Mozilla Releases a New Firefox

    New public key pinning feature will help prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

  13. Tool Predicts Which Websites Will be Compromised

    Carnegie Mellon researchers say 3 million pages could fall down the phishing hole in the next year.

  14. SSH Key Management Guidelines

    The US government rolls new best-practice rules for protecting SSH.

  15. Knoppix 7.4 Released

    Klaus Knopper announces the latest version of his iconic Live Linux system.

  16. PHP Attack Puts WordPress and Drupal at Risk

    All websites that use these popular CMS tools could be vulnerable to denial of service attacks if users don't install the updates.

  17. Heartbleed Bleeds On

    According to a report, many potential victims of the Heartbleed attack have patched their systems, but few have cleaned up the crime scene to protect themselves from the effects of a previous intrusion.

  18. Drone Brain Goes Open Source

    DARPA and NICTA release the code for the ultra-secure microkernel system used in aerial drones.

  19. Password Management Services Vulnerable to Attack

    Should you trust an online service to store your online passwords?

  20. New Raspberry Pi Adds Two USB Ports

    New B+ board lets you build cool things without the complication of a powered USB hub.