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  1. Munich Plans to Ditch Linux and Go Back to Windows

    A major setback for the Linux desktop.

  2. Linux Kernel 4.10 Comes with New Security Features

    Improved support for GPU in virtualization.

  3. OpenSUSE Site Hacked

    News site for the openSUSE community falls victim to a Wordpress exploit.

  4. LibreOffice Goes Online with 5.3 Release

    The source code is available online.

  5. Microsoft Brings Clear Linux OS to Azure

    One out of three virtual machines on Microsoft Azure Cloud run Linux.

  6. ASUS Announces a Single-Board Computer

    The form factor of the board makes it a drop-in replacement for Raspberry Pi.

  7. Red Hat Releases RHEL 6.9 Beta

    Makes it easier for customers to move workloads into container-centric applications.

  8. SUSE Working on a New Operating System Called MicroOS

    SUSE’s answer to container-centric operating systems.

  9. Biggest Kernel Release Ever

    Linux 4.9 is the biggest release in terms of number of commits.

  10. CentOS Linux 7 (1611) Released

    The latest version of the official RHEL clone is here.

  11. openSUSE Rolls Out 42.2 Leap

    New release targets Linux professionals.

  12. Cutting-Edge Fedora 25 Released

    The Fedora project adds Wayland and Gnome 3.22

  13. CeBIT 2017: The Open Source Forum

    CeBIT 2017: Open Source Forum Call for Papers

  14. Say it Ain't So! Microsoft Joins the Linux Foundation

    Long-time Linux antagonist joins the revolution.

  15. How to Bypass Authentication on a Linux System

    Major bug affects Debian/Ubuntu distributions.

  16. Ubuntu Core 16

    Canonical releases the minimal edition for embedded devices, Internet of Things, and cloud deployments.

  17. Red Hat Releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3

    The new release features improvements across the board, from performance to security.

  18. The Linux Foundation Announces a New Board of Directors

    Two out of three of the new members are women.

  19. OpenStack Summit in Barcelona

    More than 5,000 people attended the event.

  20. Linux Voice Joins the Linux New Media Family

    Linux Magazine will include the best of both magazines.