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  1. Ubuntu to Start Collecting Some Data with Ubuntu 18.04

    It will be an ‘opt-out’ feature.

  2. CNCF Illuminates Serverless Vision

    The Cloud Native Computing Foundation announces a paper describing their model for a serverless ecosystem.

  3. LibreOffice 6.0 Released

    The new version comes with an experimental ribbon interface.

  4. Red Hat Acquires CoreOS

    One of the biggest contributors to the Kubernetes project has joined the Red Hat family.

  5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Beta Out

    RHEL 7.5 comes with enhanced security and usability features.

  6. Torvalds is Not Happy with Intel's Patch, Calls it Garbage

    Intel is asking users to stop deploying the patches

  7. Dell Kickstarts 2018 with a Brand New Linux Laptop

    The new laptop comes with Ubuntu 16.04 pre-loaded.

  8. Linus Torvalds Rips Intel for Meltdown and Spectre Flaws

    Torvalds is not happy with the way Intel handled these two vulnerabilities.

  9. LibreOffice Based CODE 3.0 Released

    You can now run the latest version of LibreOffice Online in your own cloud.

  10. Google Announces Kubeflow to Bring Kubernetes to Machine Learning

    The fully open source project is designed to help engineers build a machine learning stack using Kubernetes.

  11. KubeCon Concluded in Austin, Texas

    The Kubernetes community gathered in Austin, Texas.

  12. Dell to Disable Intel’s Insecure IME

    Dell responds to the reports of critical vulnerabilities in the Intel vPro Management Engine.

  13. Linus Torvalds’ Precious Advice to Security Experts

    Torvalds said that developers should focus more on debugging than resorting to fallback mode.

  14. GPLv3 Comes to the Rescue of GPL Violators

    Red Hat adopts GPLv3 cure provisions to help companies fix GPL violations.

  15. Linux Kernel 4.14 Released

    Torvalds lashes out at a Canonical developer who introduced a regression.

  16. Fedora 27 Is Released

    Developers can now access Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer subscriptions on Fedora 27 at no cost.

  17. Samsung to Bring Linux to the Galaxy Phone

    Samsung is testing Linux desktop for its DeX experience.

  18. System76 Releases Pop!_OS

    An Ubuntu-based operating system designed for professionals.

  19. Linux Comes to Windows

    Run multiple Linux distributions in Windows 10.

  20. Docker Embraces Kubernetes

    Docker is now offering Kubernetes as an orchestration platform.